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June 2013, Owner/Artist/Photographer

     This summer I have a vendor table at The Jackson Mine Market in Negaunee on Wednesday afternoons, from 430 to 7pm.  Drop in to enjoy the atmosphere, shopping, & fun!  

Owner/Artist/Photographer of Aquarius Ventures

June 8th, 2013 - Greetings!  Aquarius Ventures now features Mini-Sets of Photos of Venice Beach, and Scenic Outdoor shots of daisies, riverbanks, and trees & pink wild roses, and more...A Set of 6 Chinatown, Los Angeles, photos can be ordered in 8x10 size, as well as in a Mini-Set of 3 Chinatown photos.  Please call or email me at for more information, & to place an order.  Thank you for visiting my website! *TLN*
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