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2019 HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019!

     * January 2019 * Art Posters make a great Gift idea...& are available in Mini(4x6"), 5x7", & 8x10" Frames...Send an Email, or Call the Voicemail to place an Order.

   *Is your Team or Club interested in raising money? *Art Postcards & Art Notecards* are available to use as a new FundRaising Product!  You Select from the artwork on the website.


Artists of Aquarius Foundation& TamaraLeeNiemi, Artist/President of, are hosting aChristmas Dinner Party/FundRaiser...To Create An Artists'Residence in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula...Where Visiting Artists Can Stay & Focus on their Art...Join Us on Saturday Night, December 15th, 2018, 7pm, @ The Delft Bistro Restaurant, in Downtown Marquette, Michigan...Featuring American Cuisine, Vegetarian selections available...A Christmas Movie will play on their big screen.

September 2018/

September 2018*
 *** ART is now available to order & sell as ART NOTECARDS, as well as Art Postcard Sets...See Page 2 for more information! Great FUNDRAISER Profits!
***ArtistsOfAquariusFoundation is now a in existence & the Artist Residence is the Goal.  We will seek funding to establish the Artist Residence.
*** scheduled to open in 2019!

July 2018 Status Update: ArtistsOfAquariusFoundation...TLN.

July 2018 *** status update *** Artists of Aquarius Foundationis

now in phase 2: seeking funding.  Artists of Aquarius will be an Artist-In-Residence in the U.P. of Michigan, where visiting Artists can stay to focus on their artwork...stay tuned...

***ArtGallery will open later this year 2018.***

*****Attention Coaches & Teachers & Group Leaders*****
Are you looking for a new & cool fundraiser product to sell?  Try our Art Postcards & Notecards, featuring the artwork you select from this entire website.

From the Desk of TamaraLeeNiemi...

***Happy New Year 2018 !

* I am working to establish"Artists of Aquarius"Foundation, Art School & Artist Residence...Perhaps you've heard of other Artist-In-Residences? Mine will be in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan...which is a naturally rich area, full of lakes & rivers & trees...I am seeking Funding for this project.  If you are interested in Donating, please contact me via email to request information & possibly send a check in the mail.  Your Donation will support the establishment of ARTISTS OF AQUARIUS.


TamaraLeeNiemi, Artist/Owner of art posters make an excellent unique gift to send to a friend via mail order...& so much to choose from! 
   Are you looking to do a cool fundraiser? Consider an ArtAuction, selling AquariusArtVentures art or email to get more information today! 
   Collect Art Posters/Be An Art Collector!


June 2017*********************************************************************************
*AQUARIUS ART VENTURES* is a  Vendor at the Jackson Mine Market, & the downtown Marquette Market!  Check out the great deals...& have some fun!  I hope to see you there...
"The Rave at BigBear" art poster is on exhibit at the North of the 45th Parallel show @ TheDeVosArtMuseum, NMU, Marquette.
Enjoy the Summer~!

April 2017

*AquariusArtVentures photography & art posters are a great gift idea!*

*WestCoast Travels*

WEST COAST TRAVELS features new photography of the beautiful Oregon Coastline, & Redwood Forest & more! 

Vendor @ TheJacksonMineMarket 2016! VendorTent@JacksonMineMarket,2016, VendorTent @ JacksonMineMarket 2016.TLN.   * owned by TamaraLeeNiemi, will be a featured Vendor at the JacksonMineMarket this Summer 2016, in Negaunee, Michigan!  Check out our tent & great deals...Its a great place to shop & socialize! 

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